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Benchmarking Basics — How it works

Compare your co‑op with others in your peer group through benchmarking. You can chart your success from year to year, compare costs on various expense lines, and build a reputation for strong performance, which attracts new applicants and helps to minimize turnover.

While every co‑op is unique, comparisons can inspire your co‑op to boost its game.

Step 1: Check out the sample dashboard

Start by checking out the sample dashboard and the results for our sample co‑op. This will give you a feel for what to expect.

Step 2: Log in

Log in so that you can start to benchmark your own co‑op against others in your peer group.

Step 3: Check out your dashboard results

Check out how your co‑op scores on each of the benchmarked measures. Do you have any home runs? Where is your co‑op underperforming?

Step 4: Pick your peer groups

Create your own peer groups by choosing the features that are important for the comparison. Peer-group features include co‑op size, building type, management type, province or city.

Step 5: Name and save your chosen peer groups

The website will choose a name for each of your peer groups, but feel free to choose your own names. Once that's done, your chosen peer groups will be waiting for you on your dashboard when you next log in. You can define, name and save as many groups as you want.

Step 6: Explore your results

Now that you've chosen your peer groups, explore each measure further for more detailed results. You will also find relevant resources and good practice stories on each of the measures pages.

Don’t forget to share your own success stories with us!